Master of the Astral Plane 
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Libretto and Music by Stuart Diamond

A one-act electronic opera, premiered at The Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music.

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Part One 

Part Two



Samantha fell asleep one night listening to her favorite classical radio station. But the chili and onions she ate that night were soon to seek its revenge. She tosses and turns, dreamily descending into the realm of The Mater of The Astral Plane. There she meets King Tookiyama and his demon henchmen. Demons being what they be, they spirit her off to the darkest regions and deposit her into a large kettle and begin cooking her for their evening meal.
Samantha sings her grand aria bemoaning her fate to end up as an evening stew. She staves off her hungry nightmare mates with a giant carrot, hoping against hope that she might still be rescued. In the nick of time a White Knight with his trusty guitar by his side comes to the rescue. The demons beat a hasty retreat.  Samantha and The Knight magically and thus quickly fall in love and dance away the evening to a country waltz.
But King Tookiyama, an ever vengeful soul, returns to seek the love of his new found bride to be. The White Knight and The King square off in a fight to the death in what now appears to be a Las Vegas wrestling ring, replete with beautiful dancing demons attending the two harried warriors.
As the two archetypes duke it out, Samantha primps and sings wondering who will be her final champion. Through sheer will and courage the White Knight recovers from a deadly grip to emerge in triumph. Samantha who was shifting sides with the tide of the battle swoons her allegiance to The Victor.
The White Knight triumphs. But as he is about to take Samantha's hand, she is called back to her daytime world. (If she stays too long she may never return at all.) In a wistful grand finale the King returns and along with the White Knight bids her adieu.

Back in bed all snug and tucked in, she awakens to her radio station,  quite content... until she finds her bed crawling with demons nibbling on her toes.

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